Kjartan M. Bremnes

Born: 1965
Education: law degree, University of Oslo/King's College London
Career: BA-HR law firm, Follo Consulting Team AS, Vesta Hygea AS.
Joined company in 2004.

Hugo J. Henriksen

Financial Manager
Born: 1969
Education: MSc business econmics, University of Bodø
Career: Terra-Gruppen, Ernst &Young
Joined company in 2007.

Anders Mathisen

Senior vice president, funding
Born: 1967
Education: MBE, BI Norwegian Business School
Career: Terra Forvaltning, SEB, Bank of Norway
Joined company in 2012

Odd Arne Pedersen

Born: 1962 
Education: MBE, BI Norwegian Business School, AFA and Master of Finance, Norwegian School of Economics
Career: Terra Forvaltning, Terra Securities, Terra-Gruppen, Fearnley Fonds, DN Hypotekforening
Joined company in 2008

Kurt E. Mikalsen

Born: 1968
Education: BA, University of Bodø
Career: DNB, GMAC, Commercial Finance
Joined company in 2006.

The Eika Alliance 

The Eika Alliance comprises the Eika banks, Eika Gruppen and Eika Boligkreditt