• Eika Boligkreditt exceeds NOK 100 billion in total assets.
  • Rating of the Company's covered bonds is upgraded from Aa1 to Aaa.
  • The Company recieves its first published issues rating (Baa1)
  • Eight owner banks merge to become four. The number of banks  is correspondingly reduced.


  • Eika Boligkreditt is integrated in the banks' credit portal at the end of October.
  • Total bank financing through Eika Boligkreditt exceeds NOK 70 billion.
  • An agreement is entered into with the owner banks on the delivery of key data related to the company's rating from Moody's Investors Service.


  • Eika Boligkreditt introduces individual lending rates for the owner banks.
  • New and improved agreement on credit guarantees comes into force on 1 October.
  • The company’s covered bonds have their rating further strengthened by a notch in leeway.
  • Four owner banks merge into two, and the number of owner banks is correspondingly reduced.


  • Moody’s Investors Service upgrades the company’s covered bonds to Aa1.
  • EBK’s covered bonds are registered on the Oslo Stock Exchange’s benchmark list.
  • The net residential mortgage portfolio exceeds NOK 60 billion in June.
  • Commissions to owner banks of NOK 582 million.


  • Eika Boligkreditt is demerged from Eika Gruppen and becomes directly owned by the local banks and OBOS.
  • A tighter structure of agreements is established between the new owners and the company.
  • Total assets exceed NOK 50 billion during June.
  • The company issues its first “jumbo” (EUR 1 billion) bond in the euro market.


  • The net mortgage portfolio exceeds NOK 20 billion during November.
  • The company’s covered bonds are downgraded to Aa2 by Moody’s Investors Service.
  • Activity is increasing, and the company receives more than 1 000 loan applications in a single month for the first time in June.
  • Eika Boligkreditt participates in a NOK 10.4 billion swap arrangement with the Norwegian government.


  • The Norwegian regulations for covered bonds come into force in June.
  • Eika Boligkreditt’s covered bonds are rated Aaa by Moody’s Investors Service in the same month.
  • The company issues its first covered bond in Norway during August, while the first international transaction takes place on 24 October.


  • The first residential mortgage is disbursed on 28 February to Rørosbanken.
  • The mortgage portfolio exceeds NOK 1 billion as early as October.

The Eika Alliance 

The Eika Alliance comprises the Eika banks, Eika Gruppen and Eika Boligkreditt